About Us

› Vision

To be the leading multi-professional organization in the establishment, implementation and monitoring of programs and activities geared towards the advancement of laboratory animal science in the Philippines

› Mission

The PALAS shall lead in the professional development and education among the different stakeholders involved in animal teaching, research and testing

  • To promote the proper care and use of experimental defined animals for scientific research and testing through training programs

  • To educate laboratory animal users or personnel and laboratory animal facility users on the Animal Care and Use Program

  • To serve as an avenue for scientific exchange of information and expertise in the field of laboratory animal science

› Core Values

P - ROFFESIONALISMupholds competence in the exercise of duties and responsibilities among its members
A - CCOUNTABILITYtakes full responsibility in all of its programs and endeavours
L - EADERSHIPis the prime mover in Laboratory Animal Science
A - CCURACYconforms to the humane and ethical use of laboratory animals consistent with the Animal Welfare Law
S - USTAINABILITYcontinues to provide relevant programs that meet the needs of the present and future members

Board of Directors (2018-2019)


:Dr. Rohani B. Cena

Vice President

:Dr. Melissa Marie R. Rondina


:Dr. Halcyon Dawn G. Nicolas


:Dr. Sharon Yvette Angelina M. Villanueva


:Dr. Mark Pierre S. Dimamay

Board of Directors

:Dr. Joseph S. Masangkay

:Dr. Ramelo Ramirez Jr.

:Dr. Adrian P. Yba˝ez

:Ms. Raquel O. Rubio

Immediate Past President

:Dr. Maria Amelita C. Estacio